Call or check our website for classes and services offered at Sprouts. Early registration is strongly advised, as classes fill quickly. All waiver forms must be signed by a parent or guardian before a child can attend class.

         By Phone: Call Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. at 416-840-9718. Please have your credit card on hand.

         Online: Go to and follow instructions for registration.

         In Person: Stop by our front desk and register.  Have your method of payment available via Debit or Credit Card only. We are a cash free facility.


Sign up for a class and/or any of our monthly membership fees or our 6-play pass and pay in full at the time of sign-up.  Your credit card will automatically be billed per month to the day you signed up for your monthly membership fee.   To terminate your monthly memberships, you must give us 48hrs written notice to cancel.  Please email to ensure your cancellation is processed.


Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. reserves the right to cancel or modify classes and faculty.


Please be sure to take advantage of early registration to ensure you get your desired class schedule.  Members receive multiple class discounts.


Register before the first day of the 12 week semester and receive a discount off each additional class in the same semester. Multiple class discounts do not apply to camp.  Please enquire.


All refund requests must be submitted to Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. in writing either in person or by mail, or email and must be received within 48hrs prior to the monthly renewal date.

         Classes: For class sign-ups (not including Budding Sprouts and Camps), a refund will be issued prior to the first class starting of each semester, less a $25 cancellation fee. A pro-rated refund less a $25 cancellation fee, will be issued after the first class of each semester. No refund will be issued after the second class of each semester.

         Camp: Camp may be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to the start date. A $50 cancellation fee will be applied. There are no refunds for camp days not used due to illness, or cancelled within 2 weeks of the start date.

         Budding Sprouts: Budding Sprouts may have different refund periods than other classes. Please contact for further information regarding the refund policy for Budding Sprouts.

         Memberships: No prorated refunds will be given for memberships.

         Seminar/Workshops: If you cancel your enrollment from a seminar/workshop you will not receive a refund.


         • For all classes (excluding camps and Budding Sprouts programs) two make-up classes are permitted per child per class within a semester.        

         • Additional make-up classes will be provided for classes not held due to holidays.

         • Make-up classes for camp will be issued for Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. holiday closures only.

         • Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. classes and playground will not be open on specific holidays.  Please enquire at our front desk for verification on closed Holiday dates.

         • Make-up classes must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance to ensure your child has a space in the class & our instructors can plan for the number of participating bodies.  Make-up classes cannot be accommodated in camps or our Budding Sprouts programs.

• Scheduled makeup sessions must be cancelled at least one hour prior to class.

         • Make-up classes do not carry over from previous semesters.

         • No refunds will be issued for missed classes.

• Members may swap classes or times (if space is available) prior to the third class of the semester.

         • Classes may only be swapped within the same semester.


         • Children must stay within arm’s reach of a parent or caregiver at all times.

         • Please keep sick children at home. We reserve the right to send a child home to get well at our discretion and offer a make-up class in return. Come play when you are at your best.

         • Children enrolled in drop-off classes must be escorted to and from classrooms by their parent or caregiver.

         • It is the responsibility of the primary member – the purchaser of the monthly membership or drop in pass to add or remove the names of persons authorized to check into Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. on their membership list.

         • Please be sure to completely fill out the medical portion of the member information form and the additional medical form, if applicable, and sign the release in the case of an emergency

         • Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds camps may require an additional medical form to be completed by the child’s doctor.

         • If a child has an allergy or any other medical condition that requires an EpiPen or medication, it must be on the premises with the parent or caregiver.  We strive to create a safe & healthy environment so everyone can enjoy Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. to it’s fullest.


It is the responsibility of the primary member to ensure that Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. has the most up-to-date contact information on file for correspondence, including mailing address, email address and phone number for each authorized parent/caregiver on your account. Please inquire at Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. about our email addresses to add to your “approved sender” list.


Priority wait list status is given in the following order, to full monthly members,  then non-members in the semester in which the desired class takes place. If you would like to change your position on a wait list, you may choose to upgrade your membership at any time. Wait lists will be notified of openings in classes through the third week of the semester. After the third week of the semester, please call or check our website for availability. Your name will be removed from a wait list if you decline an open spot or if you do not respond to Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. notification in the time allotted by a Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc representative.


All classes for newborns to 2.5yrs are with parent or caregiver. All classes for 2.5 year-olds are separation optional, unless otherwise noted. Only one adult per child, please. All classes for 4 to 6 year-olds are drop-off classes, unless otherwise noted. Parents or caregivers are welcome to use our complimentary parents lounge to wait for your child’s class to end. First class, parents will be invited in to meet the teacher & orient child with the classroom.  Parents or caregivers will be invited to the last class of the semester to see their child’s achievements. 


For the enjoyment of all parents, caregivers and children, we ask that you follow our policies of classroom etiquette:

         • Please turn off your cell phones or set them to vibrate. If you need to take a call, please step outside the classroom.

         • If your child becomes upset during class, please step outside and return when your child feels better. We have provided our clients with a nursing room/time out room.

         • Please keep your voices low and your conversations to a minimum. Anyone disturbing the class may be asked to leave the room.

         • Please remain within arm’s reach of your child at all times.

         • If your child needs you during drop-off classes, please be as discreet as possible.

         • For the comfort of all participants in your class, we have a limit of one adult per child in class. If you would like an additional adult to come, please inquire at the front desk. Exceptions will be made for the final class showcase.

         • All parents and caregivers are responsible for their child’s safety and supervision in the playground and are required to be within arm’s reach at all times

         • Non-compliance with this policy may result in dismissal for the day and may result in the termination of playground and/or membership benefits at Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc.


Members are prohibited from bringing food or drink into classrooms # 2 & #3 and the playground. Coffee mugs & water bottles are provided for our guests if they would like to bring our complimentary coffee or filtered water into rooms with them.  Studio #3 is a water only room.


Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. a peanut free facility.  We are food-allergy aware and committed to providing a safe environment for our members. Therefore, we request that you do not bring peanuts, nuts, or foods containing nut ingredients onto the premises.


Memberships will run monthly, beginning on your purchase date. You must be a member for the entire semester in which the class occurs in order to receive all your membership benefits. 

·      Unlimited use of our playground facility anytime during business hours.

·      Complimentary coffee, hot chocolate & tea

·      Complimentary wipes & diapers if you forget yours

·      Discounts on all classes, seminars & workshops as well as dance gear.

·      Additional discounts for multiple classes purchased during the same semester.


Our playground is open to active members and guests accompanied by active members. Each guest is invited to come and play with us for free on their first visit. Our 6-play passes are “paperless” and are tracked in our system. Members’ playground passes are only valid during their active memberships. Playground hours are the same as our business hours. If you are interested in using the playground during non-scheduled hours, please email to make special arrangements. On occasion, areas of the playground may be temporarily closed for maintenance or clean up.


Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. Gift Cards are available for purchase online or at our front desk.  Our Gift Cards can be purchased in any denomination for recipients to use towards their desired purchase-classes, memberships, 6-play pass & class attire, etc.   A $5.00 charge will be applied for any replacement cards.


We provide stroller parking in our front lobby for all our customers (members or non-members).  Strollers are not permitted beyond check-in, in accordance with fire safety regulations.  Please keep all valuables in your diaper bag with you during play or leave them at home. 


Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items. We will keep a Lost & Found on site for a limited time before it becomes donated.



HST will be applied to all our services, excluding Budding Sprouts Preschool.


On occasion, Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds will use photographs, as well as audio and video recordings in their marketing, training, and promotional programs. As a member of Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. or visitor to our facility, you may opt out of allowing Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. to use photographs and recordings taken of your family. If you do not wish for your child or family to be photographed, or recorded, please specify on your Member Information Form and inform the Front Desk staff.



By registering at Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc., members agree to follow all policies and procedures of the facility. Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. strives to create a fun, safe & healthy environment for all users.  Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. has the right to update policies at any time.  Noncompliance with Sprouts-Growing Bodies & Minds Inc. policies and procedures may result in termination of membership.