Classes are offered on a 12-week semester basis throughout the year, with a shortened 8 week semester during the summer. 

For 2018/19

Fall: September 9th - December 2nd, 2019

Winter: January 6th - April 5th, 2020

Spring: April 6th - June 28th, 2020

Summer : July 4th - August 30th, 2020

Our class sizes are kept small so each child can receive the attention they deserve. 

Classes offered for children from 0 – 2.5 years old are Parent/Caregiver attendance mandatory, adults must wear socks in class. If your child is over 2.5 years, toilet trained and separated you are welcome to drop off your child for the class.
Most classes allow Drop Ins. A 12 Class Drop in Pass is available for $299, or try a SIngle Class for $25.95. Please see our Drop In Schedule for days/times. 

Interested in having one of our Instructors come to your school or daycare? Or want to bring your group to us for a private class? Contact for more info.


General Interest/Arts & Crafts

Get your hands on some original masterpieces… you never know what gallery they might end up in! Your child will explore & develop their artistic skills using age appropriate mediums. Each semester our Arts & Crafts modules are built around different themes.

Creative Kids in the Kitchen - Age 2.5 - 4 yrs or Age 4 - 9 yrs

Children whip up age-appropriate recipes while learning about numbers, colours and shapes along the way (dishes include Ravioli and Strawberry Cheesecakes ). As well as learning to follow directions, knead dough, and mix ingredients, some classes take their inspiration from seasons or upcoming holidays. Then, eat, enjoy, and share the results.

Art Zoo - Age 18m -2.5 yrs or 2.5 to 4yrs

Explore animals and art materials, and make unique animal art! A sensory exploration of many different art mediums, in this class children discover how to create fun drawings, collages, and mixed media constructions of their favourite animals. This class can get messy so please dress your child in appropriate clothing, Sprouts will provide smocks!

Lego Club - Junior Robotics - Age 5+

LEGO WeDo 2.0 software teaches programming in an intuitive way – letting teams of students bring their Lego creations to life while sharpening computational thinking skills like logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and modelling simulations. Features a colourful drag and drop interface that is easy for students to use and understand.

Game Masters - Age 5+

An excellent introduction to learning the basics of coding while playing board games that are specifically built to teach logic skills and problem solving. Featuring Robot Turtles, Qwirtle, Little Codr & Bits & Bytes. Students will also be working in teams on iPads using Osmo Coding.  

Junior Makers - Age 5+

Each 12 week semester class in our Arts & Crafts category is $269 + HST , 8 week Summer Semester $179.00, Drop In Class $25.95 + HST

Movement & Motor Skills

Every child progresses at their own pace, but by exposing them to opportunities that help nurture coordination and physical strength, both their fine and gross motor skills can develop faster and work better together helping foster your child's sense of independence.

Move Baby - Age 0 to  9 months

Babies learn with their whole body, new and repetitive sensory experiences help them meet developmental milestones. This class will get your little one more mobile with exercises that help strengthen their entire body along with parent/caregiver interaction, music, rhythm and play. Some areas of focus will be lifting their head, reaching, holding, rolling & beginning to crawl. This is a baby-focused class so parents/care-givers are mandatory assistants in this class. Once your baby is creeping/crawling they’re ready to move to Baby Gym.

Baby Gym - Age 9 months to 13 months

This class uses specialty gym equipment; music and dance to guide your growing baby/toddler through exercises that enhance physical development and help develop better hand/eye co-ordination. Rhythm, following direction & using imaginative play makes this class a fun, yet challenging class for your little one. Parent/care-giver participation is required. This is a great class once for children that are creeping & crawling and continues to provide them with motivation until they are hands free walking on their own.

Toddler Gym - Age 14 months to 18 months

Welcome to the non-stop climbing, walking, running, jumping phase of your child’s development! All they want to do is discover how to use their newfound independence & freedom. Why not give your furniture a break? Our Toddler Gym class allows children to run, jump & climb on our amazing toddler specific equipment while they improve their coordination and balance. In this class, children will work on gaining independence & freedom, fine & gross motor skills, social involvement & interaction, coordination & confidence. Your little toddler will most likely enjoy a very good nap after this class. Child must be able to walk independently for this class. Once your child is running/jumping they are ready for Gym Skills!

Gym Skills 1 - 18 months to 2.5 years

A fun, high-energy way of getting your children more active and social! Working on staying physically fit and active requires constant movement the proper way. Each week we focus on different ways to get moving & continue to develop gross motor skills. See your child’s coordination, balance & team work build as they navigate obstacle courses, play with balls or work on skills drills. Team work, sharing, taking turns and communication help create a happier child. Parent/Caregiver mandatory participation.

Little Athletes - Age 2.5 to 4 years

Got a child with energy to burn & a love of sports? We’ll focus on the agility & coordination necessary for a child’s growth & involvement in sport related physical activities. We’ll be exploring skills needed for soccer, basketball, hockey, football, and baseball. Improving on fine & gross motor skills, strategic patterns, team work all while having tons of fun!

Tumble Tots - 18m to 3 years ( parent/caregiver and child class)

Tumble Tots incorporates music, dance and beginner gymnastics. Starting early in these disciplines helps develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. With their parent/caregivers support, children get used to being sideways, upside down, and develop quicker reflex skills while beginning to understand where momentum comes from. This active class will get your tots doing log rolls, forward rolls & teddy bear stands. A good starter course for future dance or gymnastics.

Acro 1 - Age 2.5 to 4 yrs

Acro dance combines classical dance technique with gymnastics. Students will learn to blend athleticism and choreography to create acrobatic dance as seen in competitive dance, professional dance theatre and contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil.

Ninja Fit - Age 2.5 to 4 yrs or 4 to 9 yrs

Has your child ever wondered if they have what it takes to be a ninja warrior? If so, then now’s their chance to find out. This class is a blend of heart pumping fitness moves, dance and martial arts.

Flip & Kick - Age 4 to 9 yrs

This class is a combination class based on Acro basics & sports drills. Using our fun mats, budding sports enthusiasts will learn physical techniques for rolling & flipping, improve their coordination, and build confidence as they learn special skills drills to improve their sports skill set. Look out summer leagues…here comes your MVP of the season.

Martial Arts - Age 4 to 9 yrs

This program will help children use their body and mind to it’s fullest potential. While students will be learning basic martial arts skills, our main focus is in helping your child in developing key skills such as: listening, focusing, cooperation, control, discipline, memory and balance. Gi & Boxing gloves are required and can be purchased from Sprouts for $100.00.

Antoinette Moulton, better known as Ma’am Toni, has been with DeSantos Premier Martial Arts for 13 years. She began teaching at DeSantos when she was an orange belt. In 2004, Antoinette received her first degree black belt and when DeSantos joined Premier Martial Arts, she became the Program Director at DeSantos Premier Martial Arts. She currently holds a fourth degree black belt, and is face of DeSantos Premier Martial Arts at our second location at Broadview and Gerrard.
“Empowering lives through the martial arts is what drives me as I find this concept allows me to start the healing and transformation of each person that walks in the door.”

Each 12 week semester class in our Movement & Motor Skills category is $269 + HST , 8 week Summer Semester $179.00, Drop In Class $25.95 + HST

Dance & Theatre 

*Dance classes & Performing Arts for students over 4 and up to 14 years, are now offered at Sprouts by Fayez 1 Dance Academy. Click for more info and to sign up. Sign up can also be done in person at Sprouts..

Mommy & Me Ballet - Ages 18mo to 2.5 years

Every parent gets excited when it comes time to dress up their child for their first ballet class! Now you can join them in learning their first steps. This class will focus on learning some essential ballet basics that young dancers can grow upon. With the help of parents & caregivers, little dancers will have fun using their imagination & sharing the stage with you.

Ballet 1 - Age 2.5 to 4 yrs (Pre-School Curriculum)

This is an entry level class for your little performer. If your budding ballet dancer is twirling around the house non-stop, then this is the perfect introductory class. Ballet 1 will introduce the basic terminology of ballet using imagination, story telling, sing-along, props and self-expression of movement. Children will learn to take direction & work together as a group, while beginning to master the basic steps and movements of Ballet. See your child's coordination and confidence improve.

Acro 1 - Age 2.5 to 4 yrs

Acro dance combines classical dance technique with gymnastics. Students will learn to blend athleticism and choreography to create acrobatic dance as seen in competitive dance, professional dance theatre and contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil.

Hip Hop 1 - Age 2.5 to 4 yrs

Hip Hop 1 is a fun, high energy introduction for young dancers to creative movement using exciting, up-tempo, age-appropriate music. With instruction meant to build creativity and skills in movement and rhythm, your child will love the chance to dance and move with friends

Hop, Skip, Dance! - Age 18mo - 2.5 yrs

A lively introduction to creative movement for boys and girls with their caregivers. Captivating music from classical to pop, rhythmic games, songs and stories help children explore dance as a tool for self-expression. Warm-ups enhance coordination and flexibility while group activities allow children and their adult partners to dance and play together.

Performing Arts - Age 4+

Children explore the foundations of theatre with games, acting, improvisation, music and movement. This class encourages a positive self-image and helps students take risks on stage while building confidence on stage and off. Students will develop their own characters and create their very own unique play/musical number throughout the term. 

Each 12 week semester class in our Dance & Theatre category is $269 + HST , 8 week Summer Semester $179.00, Drop In Class $25.95 + HST

Learn. Experience. Socialize.

Mommy Connections introduces you to programs and services available within your community. Our classes provide a unique learning opportunity as well as a fun way to bond with your child and other moms in a social environment.

Each week’s 90 minute class offers a topic that is important to a new mom as well as something for moms to do with babies. This allows for a unique bonding opportunity with your little one while still fulfilling your need to obtain information and be social with other moms experiencing the same challenges, fears and excitement.

We Provide Educational and Social Connections for the Modern Family Before Baby and Beyond!