Sprouts offers a wide range of classes during the hours after school ; Dance, Physical Fitness, Martial Arts, Visual Arts, Cooking and Enrichment Math & Science.  All our classes are taught by certified, professional teachers in each discipline. Classes start at the JK/SK level and range to Grade 5/6. Sprouts Maker Space & Tech Lab also offers classes for children age 8 and up in Robotics, Coding, 3d Design & Printing,  Jewelry Design, Visual Arts & Sculpture.

Our program is run in 3 term increments throughout the school year. Sept - Dec, Jan to March, & April - June. Enrollment is open at start of each term and enrollment for the full term is required. Our end of year showcase allows children to show off their hard work & accomplishments, and includes a Dance Recital, Martial Arts Performance,  Art Show, snacks prepared by the Cooking Classes, and demonstrations of projects designed throughout the year at the Maker Space.

The Martial Arts program is taught by De Santos Martial Arts as part of our Friday class schedule. The Dance Program is taught by Fayez 1 Dance Academy instructors.

Classes continue on PA Days and parents are welcome to drop off children for their classes on those days, or opt for full PA Day camp programming at a pro-rated cost with children attending their scheduled classes after camp. Classes are not run through the December & March school breaks or over the summer. Please see our Camp offerings for awesome options during those time periods!


Before School Program - Walk to Morse, Pape & Bruce Public Schools

Drop off at Sprouts from 7:30am on.

2 days a week Monthly $100/per child

3 days a week Monthly $145/per child

4 days a week Monthly $195/per child

5 days a week Monthly $245/per child

*Siblings receive a 10% discount. Single mornings can be added for $13/day

After School Walking Program from Morse, Pape & Bruce Public Schools

1 day a week - Cost of 12 week classes ( $249 - $299) & $120 walking fee

2 days a week Monthly fee $239/per child

3 days a week Monthly fee $359/per child

4 days a week Monthly fee $439/per child

5 days a week Monthly fee $535/per child

*Siblings receive a 10% discount.  All costs include snack and two class choices per day. Children must be picked up by 6pm.

Children enrolled in after school programming are offered a discount & early sign up for our Holiday, P.A Day & Summer Camps. 10% Sibling Discount.

Please contact Emily for more information or to sign up. 416-840-9718  emily@sproutskids.ca